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Paladin hunting guide

Unofficial paladin hunting guide, yo!


This is an unofficial paladin hunting guide, very few quests are mentioned. Donation paladin set makes you do not have to worry about items up until 1200. Everything in this guide is only a suggestion.

You will be stuck, you will be bored and you will regret choosing paladin. Then you get new spell at 850 and you will be happy again. If you have any more questions regarding any of this, pm me in game; Ghamie or Bandalandabad Dominando.


Beginner quest - preferably you wanna start there if you are new on Cyntara. It's simple, straight forward, you do couple missions, kill some monsters and bosses and voilà you are 300!

Note: Squirrel task [250+] is worth doing, or at least using accumulated boss points to kill the boss to acquire teleport scroll!

300+ options
  • Last creep standing [300+, 2nd difficulty] for a weapon if you need one.
  • One of good options is to hunt in Dragon's Den [200+] quest zone as you have access to monsters that are otherwise unavailable, such as Dragon Lords [Lvl 400], including a lot of Dragons and Hatchlings.
  • Other common areas are Elementalists [Lvl 300], Dragons [Lvl 300], Pirates [Lvl 300] and other regular spawns.
  • Warzone I is also a good option, you can clear the Warzone I boss every hour, or stay clearing monsters there.
  • At 350+ you can move onto
    • Fire Devils
    • Bog Raiders (They drop an item later required to 600+ spawn; Demon Sprouts.

  • Last creep standing [400+, 3rd difficulty] for a weapon if you need one.
  • Warzone II is an option, cooldown here is 4 hours [?]. It is suggested to clear it at least once.
  • Clear Draconia tower (Dragon lords teleport) - fun
  • Nightmares
  • Warlocks
  • 450+
    • Holy Bishops! - no question
    • Royal minions - maybe
    • Serpent spawns, Deepings - questionable

  • Listen buddy! Initiation quest. Just do it and thank me later and perhaps Banshee quest [500+] for a weapon.
  • Holy Bishops - still good option
  • Black knight bosses and hydras are perhaps good option with a task.
  • Lava and crystal dragons if you are able to share experience with some other people, since you lack damage to solo this. 
  • 550+
    • Pyro Imps, Werewolves - try to push to 600!

  • Warzone III - not that easy, go slow, boss will take a while, but worth it.
  • Demon Sprouts [Task]
  • Infernal Battlemages
  • This is tough, push to 700!

  • Spectral Awakening quest. Optional at this point, depends on a lot of variables, such as having donation weapon, if you do - don't bother, it's not an upgrade. If you don't have it, well then it is an upgrade, but it's not an easy quest and you will need a team!
  • Ghastly Dragons - all I'm gonna say, just stay there until level 800.
  • You can do Abyss Necromancers at 750 if you are bored of dragons, or try hunting Drakens, but both of these options will very likely be slower experience.

  • Albino plate is worth it, Nightmayers are the bomb. If you don't have the plate, you will die.
  • Swamp Lords decent place too, and can do task there.
  • Cyntara Zone quest would be nice by now, in order to be able to use Curaga rune (healing).
  • 850+
    • Game changer for paladins! You do want to do Forge of the Titan quest as soon as possible in order to upgrade Divine Caldera to Speedy Caldera. It will boost your AoE damage by a great margin.
    • Afterwards, you can just grind at Nightmayers up until 900, or 950
    • If tired of them, change to Undead Dragons at 900.
  • The aim here is to get 950 anywhere you prefer and by that level Forge of the Titan is absolutely necessity.

  • You got levels, you got new spell, you got skills.
  • Ice Miners [Task] - hands down best exp place!
    • However, because this is garbage paladin guide, you will have troubles there and you will die, but the experience gain outweighs that.
    • Rules:
      • Do NOT pull more than 2.
      • Dodge waves
      • If you have 3 on you, you kite and you pray.
      • Do NOT pull more than 2.
      • Have faith.
    • It gets easier with levels, but not that easy.
  • Now, if you get bored of Ice Miners, you can try Shadow Dragons [Task]. After couple kills in the task you will realize that experience is bonkers and you want to go back, even though you die once in a while.
  • You continue doing this until level 1200 and you reborn.
  • If you are thinking of trying any of 1000+ spawns, keep thinking and go back to Ice Miners.