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The mining system lets players mine ore to obtain various goods. You will need the Ore Extraction Pick in order to mine. It can be obtained through the Mine Cart Quest.
You can find ore all across Cyntara. Be sure to "look" at the stones to see which kind of ore you're attempting to mine.

Ore Types

The following ore types can be found throughout Cyntara:

  • Common Ore - Contains rusty items.
  • Jewels Ore - Contains all kinds of jewels.
  • Money Ore - Contains money.
  • Enchanting Ore - Contains enchantments crystals.
  • Combined Ore - Contains random items from all of the above.

Mining Mount

Players that have reached Mining Level 20 will now have a chance to loot Mining Mount Recipe from bosses. Once learned, you will be able to craft an item that grants mining exclusive mount. This item can be traded and sold to other players.