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Stamina in Cyntara

It is very important that you manage and use your stamina to maximize your experience increase.


The maximum amount of Stamina:

While connected to the game in the skill trainer area with the 7 day streak, you will regain 165% stamina per second.


You will turn to red Stamina at 06:00 hours left on Stamina. Loot will also be disabled and you will receive 50% less experience.


Stamina Refiller can be purchased from the store or earned through the Dungeon system. This will restore 10 hours of stamina and has a 24 hour cool down. This item is quite valuable on the item market.


Skill trainer can be entered below for additional stamina regeneration with the 7 day reward streak.

Premium Scroll will help boost your training speed at the training tiles.

1 Premium Scroll (500 coins)

Premium Scroll Benefits:

- 3 hours of 1.5 experience bonus stamina.

- A discount at the magic shop

- 2x training speed at training tiles.

- Both Entrepreneur addons.

- Ability to change with !change sex (once every 24 hours)

Stamina will turn orange after 41 hours. Best to save your experience boosts, and time your hunting during the global experience boost.


You can also use fish in game for the experience boost. Can earn this in game and buy through the store.


More experience: