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Void Invaders/Void Realms

Void Invaders

Void Invaders are a new type of mini boss raids on Cyntara that come in 6 different flavors.
You can find portals to their domains randomly on all spawns on Cyntara. The difficulty of the Void Invader will be scaled according to the spawn level.
Each slain Void Invader contributes to your Void Realm level with at least 4 kills being the minimum required to enter the Void Realm.
Your Void Realm level will start with the average of the first 4 Void Invaders killed. For instance if you kill Void Invaders of level 400, 600, 800, and 600, the Void Realm level will be 600.
Past the first 4 kills, any additional kill will contribute 1/20th of the Void Invader level towards the Void Realm level for a maximum Void Realm of level 1400.

Void Realms

Void Realms are a small dungeon like instances where the objective is to kill monsters and the final boss.
Void Realms can be found in the south end of the teleport room.
Players must defeat at least 4 Void Invaders before they can enter a Void Realm.
Void Realms can be entered either solo or in a party of up to 4 players. Only the realm progression of the leader will be consumed upon entry so that players can do party wise rotations.
The difficulty of monsters and the boss automatically scales depending on the Void Realm level as well as the party size.
Upon completion, players will be rewarded with a Cursed Charm.

Cursed Charms

Cursed Charms are a new type of charms on Cyntara that are exclusive drops from the Void Realms.
Players can only ever equip a single Cursed Charm at a time however they can be mixed with regular charms.
Cursed Charms come in three tiers: Magic, Rare and Mythic which dictate the number of stat modifiers a charm can receive.
The rarity weights depend on the Void Realm level, with Magic charms being more common for lower level Void Realms and Mythic being more common for higher level Void Realms.
The charms also have an item level that's inherited from the Void Realm level which dictates the type of stats the charm can roll as well as the stat values. A Cursed Charm can have a maximum of 2 prefix stats and 2 suffix stats (Mythic tier).
Additionally, unwanted Cursed Charms can be sacrificed to contribute towards your next Void Realm level.

Cursed Charms
Prefix Stats
Suffix Stats
  • Arcane - Magic Level
  • Gladiator's - Melee
  • Marksman's - Distance
  • Protector's - Shielding
  • Vampiric - Life Leech
  • Consuming - Mana Leech
  • Piercing - Critical Chance
  • Impaling - Critical Damage
  • Crushing - Damage vs. Bosses
  • of Stone Skin - Physical Absorb
  • of Death - Death Absorb
  • of Divinity - Holy Absorb
  • of Frost - Ice Absorb
  • of Ashes - Fire Absorb
  • of Thunder - Energy Absorb
  • of Nature - Earth Absorb
  • of the Seas - Drown Absorb
  • of the Vampire - Life Drain Absorb
  • of Fathom - Mana Drain Absorb
  • of Regeneration - Health Regeneration
  • of Flux - Mana Regeneration
  • of Luck - Luck
  • of Endurance - Endurance
  • of Sustain - Mana Cost Reduction
  • of Immortality - Boss Damage Reduction
  • of the Viper - Damage vs. Venom Monsters
  • of Bloodshed - Damage vs. Blood Monsters
  • of the Necropolis - Damage vs. Undead Monsters
  • of Flames - Damage vs. Fire Monsters
  • of the Skies - Damage vs. Energy Monsters