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Task - System Explanation

The Task system is incredibly important and allows you to gain additional experience, prey points and boss points which reward you with additional boss attempts through the Task system. This also gives you the points needed to use the Prey system.

Tasks can be accessed through the Task Master in the 2nd floor of the Depot or through the Portable Task Device(Store item)

Tasks are generally anywhere from 150-250 kills and require you to turn them in once completed.

Tasks are repeatable and do not have a limit. You can repeat these as fast as you can do them.

I would highly recommend using the Task Tracker. You can find this at the top left bar, go to Character -> Task Tracker. This will track the prey bonus and will track the total amount of kills or if you like text based open up the Task channel.

Task benefits

  • Bonus Experience Points - You will receive an additional amount of experience for every monster kill during the task.
  • Prey Points - You will receive prey points on every completed task.
  • Boss Attempts - You will receive 1 boss attempt and additional boss attempt points for every task that you finish.
  • Beastslayer Certificates are used for certain quests and can be used for 1 Prey point.