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Access To Catacombs

Its kind of mystery quests.

Rewards : Access to catacombs respawn Rb 4 Lvl 1000


Requirements : Rb 4 Lvl 1100, golden mug, candlestick, pick and machete. 

You can get pick,candlestick and machete from "Tool Vendor" and golden mug from "Dragon Lords"


Start the quest here :


Follow this path to the mission :

cata-23.png cata-24.png cata-25.png  



It will turn into burnt down firewood cata-3.png

Then now you can enter tp and you will be teleported to here :


Enter tp to get out and follow this path to enter missions cave : 

cata-26.png Go to +2 floor then pass doors and enter tp.


You will be teleported to missions cave.

Mission cave :


The mission :

First step :

You need to use lever follow this path to it.

zMqcata-27.png  cata-28.png

cata-29.png  cata-30.png

Note : You need to use machete 3 times to destroy wall.

Second step : 

When you use the lever this stair will appear.

Before : cata-31.png   After : cata-32.png

Go up and use golden mug at poison well


it will turn into cata-10.png

Third step :

You need to use flask of poison at campfire.

Follow this path to it :

cata-33.png cata-15.png  cata-34.png

Use flask  of poison and you will get this message "Your offering was accepted"


Go back and follow this path to final step : Then go to floor +1


When you successfully use poison you could stand  here to remove magic wall and enter tp


Before : cata-36.png   After : cata-19.png


Great Thanks for "Demon Diabolis and Dofired"