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[Lv 700] Spectral Awakening

Spectral Awakening one of most important quests it gives best weapons in game 

Rewards: artifact rod, artifact wand, artifact bow, artifact crossbow, artifact blade, artifact chopper and artifact mace.

Start the quest here:


Its quest done by 4 missions.

You will find the following monsters in your way to make missions: Starfire Elemental, Starspawn and Fiery Starfighter

Mission 1: 

Go to npc Shavras Morte over here ---> art-2.png



Now you have to go to library to get the note for make the mission. follow this way to library

You will find the following monsters : starfall maiden, ost starsoul, starspawn, starfall reaper and starbone dragon.

art-13.png        art-14.png

Use the lever and you will teleported inside the library.

art-4.png     art-5.png

After that I prefer use tp scroll then back to npc Shavras Morte

Say Hi-mission-yes

Mission 2:

talk to npc Shavras Morte 

Say : Hi-mission-yes

Follow this path to the Tree

art-7.png     art-8.png

Back to npc Shavras Morte

Talk: Hi-mission-yes.

Mission 3:

Talk to npc Shavras Morte


You have to get him "fetish bone" follow that path to the chest

You will find the following monster: horror leaper

art-9.png     art-10.png    art-11.png    art-12.png

Back to npc Shavras Morte

Say :Hi-mission-yes

Mission 4:

Talk with npc Shavras Morte

Say : Hi-mission-yes

Now he gave you a flask you need fill it and back to report mission

Note: its hardest mission you so take care you need Ek and ed and its hard to run it.

Follow this path to done this mission.

art-15.png        art-16.png     art-17.png    art-18.png


Now back to npc Shavras Morte 

Say Hi-mission-yes

You will teleported in Reward room.

Enjoy Rewards