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The Knife and Vial of Zydrate

The Knife allows you to start collecting and using Vial of Zydrate. This is a short term buff that provides a variety of great effects. When you drink/use this item you gain: Fills your soul points, skills increased by 5%, maximum mana or hit points by 5% and benefit from double health or mana regeneration. The increase in health or mana depends on your vocation!

-You see the knife. It weighs 5.00 oz. To help with the agony.


What is The Knife?

Allows you to use Vials of Zydrate. While this use to be a incredibly hard item to acquire it has since become a lot easier. It use to be hard to get The Knife in old versions of Cyntara but nowadays there is other ways to get it. Making it more easy!

Option 1:

Jesters World Raid is one option. There is announcement before spawn, and it can spawn: Violent J, Joey Terrifying, Faygo Vendor. This raid takes place in Venore.


Second Way:

Entering Mortal Combat Arena and killing Joey Terrifying. Pretty hard but still a way to get it. Just need to be patient.


Third Way:

Going to the Mind Flayers spawn and killing Mind Flayers. (Level 1000 Spawn) Rare Drop


You see a Vial of Zydrate. They weigh 15.00 oz. Zydrate comes in a little glass vial.


Notes :

- You can't use it without having The Knife.

- Zydrate Vial will stay in effect for 30 minutes or until you die.

How to get Vial of Zydrate?

Bosses drop it around Cyntara: Example: Vlad, Jesters, etc.