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Treasure Hoarders

Treasure Hoarders are little mischievious creatures that really like their belongings.
You may find them spawned in random areas. Once you find a Treasure Hoarder and engage one you will have 60 seconds to deal as much damage as possible.
Every now and then when the Treasure Hoarder receives damage, you will receive some loot. He may also drop some extra along the way as he flees.
Additionally, if you manage to kill the Treasure Hoarder before it despawns, you will receive extra loot.


The following types of Treasure Hoarders can be found:

  • Valuables (Orange Indicator) - Drop money.
  • Crafting (Light Blue Indicator) - Drop enchantment crystals and alchemy ingredients.
  • Consumables (Light Green Indicator) - Drop potions, rings, amulets and other goodies.
  • Addons (White Indicator) - Drop addon items.


The following treasure hoarder variations can be found:

  • Voracious Treasure Hoarder - May sometimes spawn instead of a regular Treasure Hoarder. Doubles the loot chances of items.
  • Devilish Treasure Hoarder - May sometimes spawn when a regular Treasure Hoarder dies. Drop additional loot.