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Item Quality

The item quality system lets players improve the quality of items to receive Quality Bonus and Quality Milestone Bonus.
Improving the quality of an item requires a Blacksmith's Chisel which can be obtained through various activities.
The maximum quality level is 20% which can be reached using 250 Blacksmith's Chisels on average.

Quality Bonus

Each 1% of quality added to an item will increase its armor and defense by 1% and its attack by 0.5%.
Bows and crossbows apply that bonus to the sum of the ammunition and weapon attack.
Wands and rods receive an increase to the minimum and maximum damage values.

Quality Milestone Bonus

Reaching quality level of 10% will turn the item into a superior version which will add +1 to the item inherent skill and magic level stats, whereas reaching quality level of 20% will turn the item into an exceptional version which increases these stats by +2 instead.