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Tier Sets - Endgame

All pieces of the Starbringer, High Noble and Kyanite sets are obtainable from the following bosses:

» Ferumbras
» Cosmic Reaver
» Namtar
» Orshabaal
» Gaz'haragoth
» Amirada
» World Ender
» The shaper
» Assassin

Sets are divided as follows:

Knight: Kyanite

Paladin: High Noble

Sorcerer/Druid: Starbringer

Once obtained, these pieces of equipment will be upgradable using a Tier Set Upgrade Token; the Starbringer, High Noble and Kyanite set pieces will upgrade into Battlemage, Amethyst Palladium and Demolisher sets respectively. Additionally, each of the endgame sets will be further upgradable using the Tier Set Upgrade Tokens up to level 6.
Each consecutive upgrade will cost another Tier Set Upgrade Token. For example, upgrading a Starbringer Hat into a Battlemage Hat (Tier 1) will cost 1 Tier Set Upgrade Token; upgrading a Battlemage Hat (Tier 1) into a Battlemage Hat (Tier 2) will cost 2 Tier Set Upgrade Tokens, and so on. With each additional upgrade, the piece of equipment piece will receive additional stats.

A Tier Set Upgrade Token can be obtained for completing the following activities (with a weekly cool down on each):
» Killing the World Ender, Amirada, Namtar, Gaz'haragoth and The Shaper (Each kill rewards One Token). Players will receive a notification when earning a Tier Set Upgrade Token from weekly bosses.

  1. Completing 20x level 900+ tasks.
  2. Completing 15x level 25+ dungeons. Also it will be Lowered weekly Tier Set dungeon level requirements by 5 levels for each time period.
  3. Handing in 10x Demonic Crystals for Trimurti in the Demonborn Valley.
  4. Getting 25000 daily quest points.