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Daily Rewards

Daily rewards are various rewards that people can pick up on a daily basis. Players can pick up their rewards by visiting NPC Elise, located downstairs in the depot.

The rewards you can take vary according to your position on the Reward Lane, which changes every time you take a new reward. Not taking your daily reward for one or more days does not affect your Reward Lane position. Picking up your reward on a daily basis increases the counter of your reward streak. As your streak grows, you gain access to special bonuses in addition to your rewards. If you miss a day, your reward streak will reset and you will lose your current bonuses


There are seven following rewards on the Reward Lane:

  • Goodies - Medicine Pouches and Minor Crystalline Tokens.
  • Free Ride - Free, one-time entry to the Battle Tower or the Challenge Room. Expires in 20 hours.
  • Goodies II - Medicine Pouches and Minor Crystalline Tokens.
  • Just Deserts - Doubles the amount of points and coins won in events. Expires in 20 hours.
  • Mighty Weapon - A deadly but fragile weapon for your class.
  • Lucky Aura - Increases luck by 50% for 1 hour.
  • Experience Boost - Increases experience rate by 25% for 1 hour.

Streak Bonuses

There are five following streak bonuses:

  • 3 days - Passive health and mana regeneration works in Protection Zone.
  • 4 days - Increased daily non-talisman dungeon limit by 1.
  • 5 days - Faster soul point regeneration.
  • 6 days - Faster mana regeneration on training tiles.
  • 7 days - Faster stamina regeneration on training tiles. (50% Bonus)