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Auto Loot Guide

The first thing you want to do is click on the wand at the top left, when you hover over it will say Auto Functions.


Select looter and below you will see two different options. You have the option of Inclusion list (Loot only what is on the list) or Exclusion List (Loot every item except for what's on the list)

If you scroll to the bottom there is code for the inclusion list.


Last is specifying the bag. When you open your bag, they open in order from 0-14 on a first come first serve basis. So as long as you setup your loot bag in whatever order you want it, will work fine. For example I keep my loot bag in my ammo slot. I always open it first and have all off my loot go into bag 0. Works perfectly.


Some notes: Looter will break if you are out of capacity, out of space or the bag closes. If you run out of slots in your bag, it will close. If your Looter picks up a bag and fills that fully, it will close. So do not pick up bags and make sure you have multiple bags inside of a bag. Good luck and happy looting. This is where the Sell-All Tool comes in handy.

Will not work if Walker is disabled. Also disabled in certain events/areas.

You can add or remove items by using the Add and Remove buttons in the below picture. Keep in mind adding something on the right side will cause it not to be picked up. Adding something on the left side will cause it to be picked up.

With all the money you made using this guide you can spend some of that at the Goblin King. Goblin King will sell an experience buff starting at 4,000,000 gold and doubling each time. There is a maximum amount of times you can do this per week.

Goblin King: Would you like to spare 4,000,000 gold coins for an experience boost? You will receive a +25% experience boost bonus for 60 minutes.

Final notes:

Do not pick up potions. They are extremely heavy and easily available.

If you use the inclusion list instead of the example above, just keep in mind you may be missing items. Know what drops before you go looting with that setting.

If you notice that your backpack closes, you have ran out of space. Put more backpacks inside of backpacks. Backpack of holding is a great option from the store and holds 60 slots.

Inclusion List:

  • Lesser Enchantment Crystal: 8828
  • Normal Enchantment Crystal: 8829
  • Grand Enchantment Crystal: 9697
  • Cyntara Coins: 11455
  • Power Tabs: 9028
  • Vial of Zydrate: 7644
  • Divination Card: 26623
  • Orb of Enchantment: 21747
  • Weapon Upgrade Crystals: 15801
  • Cluster of Solace: 20062
  • Dream Matter: 20063
  • Monster Essence: 31673 (Ring Crafting, only drops during Task)
  • Minor Artifact Talent Token: 26863 (Artifact Talent Point)
  • Power Token: 26861(Water Quest: 1400, temporary buff)
  • Blacksmith's Chisel: 12672
  • Soul Orbs: 5944 (This is for Paladins, trade for Infernal Bolt)
  • Stone Skin Amulet: 3081

Code: 3081,1;3180,1;4872,4;5944,0;7644,0;8828,0;8829,0;9028,0;9697,0;

You can import the above list into the inclusion list to loot all the "important" items. Feel free to add to it as you see fit.