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Weekly Quests

Weekly quests can be started by visiting NPC Lucia on the third floor of the depot(West, inside the building you spawn). When you start a weekly quest you have time until the next weekly reset to finish the quest, that is until Tuesday, 10 AM server time - Not exactly one week from starting the quest.

Weekly quests involve regular Cyntara activities that you can complete while playing to earn extra rewards.
During the reset, a random weekly quest is chosen for everyone however you will never see the same quest occur during two consecutive weeks. If you do not finish the weekly quest before the reset, you will lose any progress made towards that quest during the particular week.

When you progress towards the weekly quest you will receive a notification about your progression. Furthermore weekly quests will be automatically turned in when completed. Weekly quests provide a large amount of experience and other useful items.


Quests Pool

  • Killing Bosses
  • Completing Tasks
  • Completing Prey Tasks
  • Completing Dungeons
  • Completing Daily Quests
  • Completing Warzones
  • Mining Ores
  • Enchanting Items
  • Brewing Alchemy Elixirs