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Ring Crafting - Temporary Bonus

Ring crafting is a feature that utilizes the blank rings you may have picked up on your journey through Cyntara.

You can access this menu at the top left, under Character, Ring Crafting.

Once you gain a Ring Craft Scroll you can begin crafting your very own temporary rings.

You can use each Ring Craft Scroll 3 times, and can advanced it to the max rank of 3.

A ring with 2 rank 1 prefixes and 2 rank 1 suffixes.

The Outcome Type for the Rings is to make it easier to sort and auto equip the rings. No stat effect.

Ring Craft Scrolls are mainly rewarded through Dungeon runs, and the world chest, cursed chests and some other activities.

Note: Rings last a maximum of 4 hours. The best way to obtain materials for the rings is to use Monster Essence (ID:31673) and exchange it with the NPC Tony Bloodhunter. Monster Essence drops when killing monsters in spawns.