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Prey - System Explanation

The prey system allows you to gain bonuses while hunting the current creatures in rotation in the Prey window.

When you select a creature to Prey on, you will gain a 2 hour bonus and start a timer against that creature. This will reward you with a perk against that creature.

To start a Prey task, talk with Task Master on the second floor of the depot or use the Portable Task Device(Purchased from the store)

You will be given 3 random enemies to choose from per tier. There are 6 tiers total: Easy, Medium, Hard, Nightmare, Hell and Abyss.

In this example, you can see that Forbidden Temple is selected and I'm receiving bonus experience.

You can re-roll the perk by clicking on the R next to the perk name. This costs 4 Prey points. You can also extend the duration by clicking on the E, this will refresh it to it's maximum duration for 4 Prey points.

Available tasks refresh 20 hours after talking with the NPC. Please keep in mind that the timer will start ticking the moment you start talking with the NPC and not when you choose a Prey task.

You can receive Prey points by completing tasks.

Every monster you kill while doing the Prey task will reward additional experience.

Note: There is no limit to the amount of times you can reroll, or extend the Prey task.

Prey Perks

  • Bonus Experience Points - You will receive extra experience points when killing the prey monster.
  • Increased Loot Drop - You will have a higher chance to loot items from the killed prey monster.
  • Increased Damage - Your damage against prey monsters will be increased.