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[Lv 500] Initiation

in the quest you will get the following reward: new promotion as the final reward from the Initiation Quest. You can find more information about this quest by asking Queen Yvonne for a promotion once you have been promoted to Adept. You must be level 500 to start this quest.

Start the quest here:


In this quest you have to kill 3 bosses after killing each boss an tp will appear and you have 120 secs to enter it.

First boss: follow this way and go up stairs


You will find boss The Dimension Crawler after killing it enter tp


Second boss:

keep moving to west till you find stairs

You will find the boss The Fallen Hero, and some monsters called "Elite" its hard monsters and boss so take care.

Enter tp after killing it and move to south  west till you find stairs

Keep moving to the west till you find black night boss. kill them and go down stair


You will find a white knight kill it and move to down stairs


this is the finial Boss take care its hard you should wall around yourself so the death mechanism don't attack you.

like that


When you kill it move to >>> and enter tp . when you enter tp follow this path.


move in the lava and use the statue


-You must have got the first promotion.

-If you missed any teleport you need to repeat the quest again.


Enjoy rewards.