Paladin hunting guide

Unofficial paladin hunting guide, yo!


This is an unofficial paladin hunting guide, very few quests are mentioned. Donation paladin set makes you do not have to worry about items up until 1200. Everything in this guide is only a suggestion.

You will be stuck, you will be bored and you will regret choosing paladin. Then you get new spell at 850 and you will be happy again. If you have any more questions regarding any of this, pm me in game; Ghamie or Bandalandabad Dominando.


Beginner quest - preferably you wanna start there if you are new on Cyntara. It's simple, straight forward, you do couple missions, kill some monsters and bosses and voilà you are 300!

Note: Squirrel task [250+] is worth doing, or at least using accumulated boss points to kill the boss to acquire teleport scroll!

300+ options









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