Promotion Levels

Promotions are obtainable at certain milestones after the completion of a specific task. There are currently four promotion levels and methods of being promoted further.

Basic - You start level 8 here.

Adept - This promotion can be purchased from Queen Yvonne for 100,000 gold coins. There is no level requirement to receive this promotion. Queen Yvonne is at the north-most part of the main city.

Elite/Master/Royal/Elder - This promotion is earned as the final reward from the Initiation Quest. You can find more information about this quest by asking Queen Yvonne for a promotion once you have been promoted to Adept. You must be level 600 to start this quest.

Surpreme/Arcane/Divine/Enlightened - The final promotion is earned as the final reward from the An Alternate Fate Quest.

Note: Knight/Sorcerer/Paladin/Druid

Rebirth System

(Not currently active in Cyntara v15s2)

The Rebirth System provides players with opportunity to advance their character's progress beyond regular leveling. Currently, players are able to benefit from up to 5 Rebirth Levels. Players will earn the following benefits after each rebirth:

  • A new vocation upon your first rebirth, including increased health/mana regeneration.
  • A slight, permanent damage boost for each Rebirth Level.
  • 40 levels worth of additional base health/mana, per Rebirth Level.
  • Extra capacity equal to 60 potions for your vocation.
  • The ability to use any piece of equipment regardless of its level requirement, provided your character is the proper vocation and the item does not have a Rebirth Level requirement.
  • The ability to use any spell, rune, or potion, provided your character is the proper vocation, has enough mana (if applicable), and the spell, rune, or potion does not have a Rebirth Level requirement.
  • Rebirth-exclusive achievements.
  • The opportunity to complete all Daily Quests again, if they were on cooldown prior.
  • The opportunity to participate in content gated by Rebirth Level requirements; including access to top-tier end-game equipment.
  • Player’s Charm Bag will increase by 1 slot for each rebirth level to a max of 8 slots.

Special Benefits to reaching specific Rebirth milestones are as follows:

  • Rebirth Level 1- 2 Respawns specific to Lvl (1000)
  • Rebirth Level 2- Demonborn Valley Lvl (1000)
  • Rebirth Level 2- Primordial East  Lvl (1000)
  • Rebirth Level 2- Primordial West  Lvl (1000)
  • Rebirth Level 3- Demon Jail  Lvl (1000)
  • Rebirth Level 3- Primordial Prison  Lvl (1000)
  • Rebirth Level 4- Catacombs  Lvl (1000)
  • Rebirth Level 5- The Water Temple Quest Lvl (1200)

Upon asking Queen Yvonne for enlightenment, your character will be reset to level 8 in exchange for a Rebirth Level. Players will keep their skill experience as well as profession experience upon Rebirth.