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For any Cyntarist with an interest in Fishing, Jason is inevitably the first destination. Jason can be found on the docks on west Main Street. Fishing rods can be used to catch all sorts of exotic fish, aquatic creatures, and even some valuable items! You can also earn experience for fishing, and is a great way to level to around 300 if early combat is not your thing.


Here is the common fishing macro, this will work in the standard spot you see everyone standing South West of the city. 

Jason sells 5 types of fishing rods:

    Old Rod:
        » Bait required: Worms
        » Break chance: Highest
        » Fish Tier: Worst
        » Corpse Type: Water Elemental
        » Skill Required: N/A
        » Skill Cap: 20

    Fishing Rod:
        » Bait required: Worms
        » Break chance: High
        » Fish Tier: Poor
        » Corpse Type: Water Elemental
        » Skill Required: N/A
        » Skill Cap: 50

    Good Rod:
        » Bait required: Shrimp
        » Break chance: Moderate
        » Fish Tier: Medium
        » Corpse Type: Rot Elemental
        » Skill Required: 20
        » Skill Cap: 70

    Great Rod:
        » Bait required: Shrimp
        » Break chance: Low
        » Fish Tier: Great
        » Corpse Type: Glooth Elemental
        » Skill Required: 50
        » Skill Cap: N/A

    Super Rod:
        » Bait required: Rainbow Worm
        » Break chance: Lowest
        » Fish Tier: Best
        » Corpse Type: Spirits Elemental
        » Skill Required: 70
        » Skill Cap: N/A

Players can purchase Hand Augers from Jason; a Hang Auger can be used on ice anywhere in the game world for a chance to create an ice fishing hole. Any rod can be used to attempt to catch a fish from an ice fishing hole. Hand Augers have a chance to break.
Fish that are caught can be sold back to Jason. If you fish out a monster and it attacks you, it will disappear if it loses target. A fishing rod's break chance depends on your fishing skill as well as the rod's tier.