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Daily Quests

Majority of Cyntara's quests not only provide a one-time reward but also contain a "Daily Reward Chest" that can be opened once every 20 hours.
This allows the quest to be repeatable every day for an additional reward.

Daily Quest Locations

  • Pillow Puzzle Quest
  • Dragon's Den Quest
  • Helmet of the Ancients Quest
  • Full Helmet of the Ancients Quest
  • Banshee Quest
  • Queen of the Banshee Quest
  • Fury Gate Quest
  • All-Around Quest
  • Trial of Fire Quest
  • Initiation Quest
  • Forgotten Spells Quest
  • Ferumbras Tower Quest
  • Four Swords Quest
  • Graveyard of Heroes Quest
  • An Alternate Fate Quest
  • Battle Tower Quest
  • The Astral Plane Quest
  • Forge of the Titan Quest
  • Mine Cart Carnage Quest
  • The Cyntara Zone Quest
  • Jinx's Dojo Quest
  • The Demon Oak Quest
  • The Spectral Awakening Quest
  • The Pits of Inferno Quest
  • The Inquisition Quest
  • The Cursed Ruins Quest
  • The Annihilator Quest
  • The Beastslayer Arena (Deity)
  • [Level 2000]¬†Malice Annihilator

Daily Quest Rewards

  • Lesser Enchantment Crystal
  • Enchantment Crystal
  • Grand Enchantment Crystal
  • Cyntara Coins
  • Orb of Enchantment
  • Power rune fragments
  • Commendation (25 AP)
  • Royal Commendation (75 AP)
  • Bloody Parchment (150 AP)
  • Victorious Token (250 AP)
  • A part of power rune or 2 parts
  • Each quest gives daily quest points that needed to get tier set token each quest gives points depends on its level for ex. Quest level 600 it's gives 600 points. 25000¬†points is needed to get token.

The rewards granted depend on the quest completed.