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[Lv 600] Maraton Man Chan

This is a guide to complete the mission step by step:

REWARD: Exp + Crystal Of Power Charm


 Find The NPC : Maratón Man Chan East from Cyntara Town > Temple 


2. Say Hi To NPC

3. Say to NPC : Favor.  This will ask you for various items

  1. Marijuana
  2. 3 eternal flames
  3. The floodgate key
  4. Dust Of Marziel
  5. Head Of Vegnagun
  6. Ruby Necklace



You can obtain marijuana by Crazed Beggars

[3 Eternal Flames]:

You can obtain eternal flames by Cyntarist Raid 

  1. Venore,
  2. Thais,
  3. Carlin,

Elementalist respawn [Lv 350]  

Other way you can buy it from down temple by play points 

second way from demodras boss

you can found this boss in dragon lord hunt 

Treasure Hoarders may could drop an eternal flame


[1 Floodgate key]

Key 3700 | TibiaWiki | Fandom

 [The Flood Raid In Venore Lv 300]

[1 Dust Of Marziel]

 Kill a boss in [Wisp Spawn 550]: Doctor Bombay

[1 head of Vegnagun]


You can obtain Head of Vegnagun killing this boss into [Golems Spawn 600]


[1  Ruby Necklace]

You can obtain ruby Necklace killing Cyntara Queen and King into [Four Swords Spawn 450]