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[Lv 800] Monstro Town

Continuation of The Dojo quest.

Reward: Expensive Urn(The Dojo) and Shiny Stone.

Start the quest here:


You can loot shiny stone from monster in Monster Town.

Expensive Urn:

This drops from the Dojo boss. You can find the boss here follow this path

Note: it's has a silent raid so you have to check it from time to time.

Keep walking to the west till you find a stair go up and follow this path

dojo-4.png   dojo-5.png  dojo-6.png   dojo-7.png    

Kill the boss and loot your Expensive Urn. Use it to continue The Dojo quest.

dojo-8.png   dojo-9.png

Cyntara ot <3

Enjoy Rewards