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[Lv 400] Helmet of the Ancients

Helmet of the Ancients - Part I

Helmet of the Ancient quests is very similar to Tibia quest in Darama.

Level required: 400


First Pharaoh Addon + Helmet of the Ancients + some enchanting crystals


You enter the quest from portal room here:


Part I

You need 1 scarab coin per access to each boss. Therefore 3 in total. You can get scarab coins from daily reward from Elise under temple or dig them in the desert in north eastern part of HotA area, or loot from tomb monsters and ancient scarabs.


You talk to NPC to get teleported to a desert island for 20 minutes and you can dig as much as you can.


Once you have required amount of scarab coins, you can enter the pyramid in the middle and proceed to the lowest floor!

Then follow the map as shown.


Part II

Once there, you have to kill 3 pharaoh in order to be able to grab the reward.


First pharaoh


Once there, enter the teleport!


Inside are magic throwers, respective pharaoh and some summons!


Once you kill the pharaoh, ONE person can loot the item in order to proceed. If you are a team consisting of more players, you have to repeat the kill as many times as team members.


Once you have the sacrificial item in your backpack proceed to the teleport in southern part of the room and inside REMEMBER TO USE the coffin in order to get your progress validated!


Once you enter the teleport you will return to the top of the pyramid at the beginning, simply navigate down underneath the pyramid and follow the route again to second floor in the tomb.



Second pharaoh

Same principle as with first pharaoh, only different teleport. We go south this time.


Enter the portal and kill the pharaoh!


Loot the item, remember each person needs one sacrificial item. Proceed through the teleport in southern part of the room and REMEMBER to use the coffin!


You will appear on top of the pyramid once again, and you have to navigate underneath to the tomb one last time, before grabbing the reward!

Third pharaoh

Once in the tomb, navigate this route to third pharaoh in the most western part of the tomb.


Kill it!


Loot it and enter the portal and use the final coffin!


Last teleport on the top of the pyramid, I promise!

Reward chest

In order to receive the Helmet of the Ancients, you have to navigate down to the tomb one last time.


And from here, follow this route!


There is a NPC with additional information, but also a chest!



The quest continues in Full Helmet of the Ancients [750+]!