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[Lv 300] All-Around

The All-around quest can be important if you enjoy player killing due to the destroy area insignia that is rewarded. This allows you to destroy arena runes (destroy field in a 3x3 square).

Enter the quest here:


Rewards: Destroy Area Insignia. (destroy field in a 3x3 square)

Pass the door and keep moving east you will find a teleport. Enter it keep passing doors until you find a staircase.

Warning: You cannot go back up the staircase again once you go down. It’s recommended that you stay in a corner to lessen the amount of damage you will take.

First room:

You will find following monster : giant spider, banshee, fire devil, and around 9x juggernaut.  


Next room is same, you can't go up again. It's the hardest room and you will find following monsters: diabolic imp, behemoth, 2x hellhound, betrayed wraith, and hand of cursed fate.


Next room is easy you will find only the following monsters: banshees and fire devils.


Keep moving till you reach here:


In this room you will find following monsters : x3 werewolf and grim reaper. Use Energy or Death damage in order to kill it.


Move south and enter TP for your reward.


Enjoy rewards.