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[Lv 500] Mortal Combat

This quest gives many rewards but its needed 2x players and 3x beastslayer certificates for each player to start the battle. All the quest is killing bosses around cyntara and  bosses come with less HP and damge so 2 players can clear them easy.

Rewards :expensive urn,Gnomevil's hat,the knife,the floodgate key,ice pick,claw of 'The Noxious Spawn,music box,sun mirror,jester doll (charm), vampiric crest, Cyntara Coins,Abyssador's lash and 100% (vampire lord tokens).

Start the quest here :


Go -2 floor then go to this place 

mort-1.png   mort-2.png

You will be teleported to the battle room there is many rounds 15+

You have 5 seconds for the next round if you could clean all Bosses if there is still a boss in the room the next round will start immediately. Every round you lose 2-5 seconds and you start with 60 seconds.

Every round gets harder and more bosses get summoned.




If your friend died he will come back when you clean all monsters in the room.

mort-6.png   mort-7.png

when your team die you will get teleported out and get your reward.


Enjoy Rewards.