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[Lv 700] Graveyard Of Heroes

Its important quests gives you hallowed axe so you can make demon oka quest.

Rewards : hallowed axe,sapphire amulet, 2 battle tokens,5 mystical hourglasses and weapons 700+

Start the quest here: 


Part 1:

Follow this path to the next part of the quest :


There is no dangerous in the way you will find "necromancer,nightmare and vampire"

part 2 :

Follow this path to the next part of the quest : 

You will find the following monster in your way "bog raider, black knight boss ,drillworm ,demon sprout, white knight,  swamp lord ,hero and made mage.

hero-3.png   hero-4.png   hero-5.png

part 3 :

ok its little bit hard and you will find the following monsters "holy bishop, mad mage, raging mage and hellish magicthrower (its the problem hits 3-4k and unable to die you have to avoid it by wall behind yourself so you avoid get hit by this shit.


Follow the next path for the next part :

hero-6.png    Screenshot_10.png

Part 4: 

its hardest part you will find this shit again "hellish flamethrower"

and the following monsters "dragon ,dragon lord, Ghastly dragon, hellhound, undead dragon And "Behemoth Pillar"

its can take 15~ mints to kill its with 4-5 team. and its comes with paralyze mechanism and manadrain mechanism (note an ek should res this or mages will get fucked)

Follow this path to Behemoth Pillar:

hero-7.png    hero-8.png


part 5 : 

Last part and not that hard

You will find the following monsters "Demi lich, Abyss Necromancer, undead dragon and grim reaper (its hits hard but die fast by vis damage ).

Follow this paths to the reward room.

hero-10.png hero-11.png  hero-12.png

Reward Room :


1. Don't use Tp it will send you in the middle of quest Use tp scroll.


2. You can get the hallowed axe From 22h chest so every time you make quest you can take it.


Enjoy Rewards.