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[Lv 300] Last Creep Standing

last creep standing is challenge quest you have to pay some cash to start it, the quest have 3 levels.

Rewards: weapons and cc and trophy and other items.

Enter the quest here:


You have to talk with npc Boo to start the challenge.

Lets start with level 1.


after you get ready with pots move north and enter tp, you have 6 min to clean all monster , You have around 25 sec from each raid

when you clean all monsters a tp will appear in the middle of the room.

enter it and move to east pass the first door you find it , you can only take 1 reward and bronze goblet trophy.

last-3.png                                                 last-8.png

back to npc Boo and talk again for level 2.


move to tp again and clean monsters in 6mins after clean all monster a tp will appear again in the middle of room

enter the tp and keep move the the east till the next door you can take 1 reward and silver goblet trophy.

last-5.png            last-9.png

Back to npc Boo for level 3. its hardest one from all.


move to the tp north and take care this time. stay in the corner. if you die you have to pay npc 10cc again.

when you clean all move to tp and go to last door.

last-7.png             last-10.png

Enjoy rewards.