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[Lv 200] Alchemy 101

Hi dears, this quest is really simple, i will show you how to do it.

First you go to the quest portal>>


When you are in the room, you will have three portals first. You need kill the bosses on each portal.

A four portal that in order to enter you will have to have killed the bosses in the first three portals and a quest door of lvl 600. On the four portal, when you killed the three bosses, you will have permission to enter the portal and face other two bosses Alchemist. Kill both and get your reward.

If you have lvl 600 and want to enter the door to kill the hidden boss Lycaon. You need the following item. This item is dropped by the Raid Edron boss "Lucian".

After you can go kill Lycaon. Trying to kill this boss at level 600 is not recommended. The boss summon Evolved Werewolfs and has strong hits for a lvl 600 player. If you try, go to the corner for take less damage with minors summons.