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[Lv 800] Ferumbras Tower

To access this quest you must first go to the Warlocks spawn. Requires: 4 Mind Stones(Charm). Place on the 4 basins to grant access to the Ferumbras Tower through the door. Mind stones can be looted from warlocks. Warlocks [Lvl 650 monster spawn]

You can find them here:


Rewards: Ferumbras' Amulet (best amulet in game) and weapons level 800+.

Enter the quest here:



Follow this way to the final room you will find the following monsters: "Warlock, Behemoth, Fire Devil, Fire Elemental, Dragon Lord, Lich, Hellfire Fighter, Serpent Spawn, Hydra, Fury, Juggneraunt, Dark Torture, Black Knight Boss and Demons"


feru-3.png   feru-4.png feru-5.png feru-6.png feru7.png


Final room:

You will find 5 demons my suggestion is to stay next to TP so you broke 3 demons only and if about to die enter the TP.

Note: Ferumbras will spawn there as a raid, you must kill him in the raid in order to get the Ferumbras' Amulet.


When you successfully kill Ferumbras boss, take reward. North chest is the amulet.


Enter the teleport to the west for the additional rewards.


Enjoy Rewards.