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[Lv 1000] Cursed Ruins

This quest is based on farming items and it's not easy. However with luck enchants and luck boosts, you may finish it quickly.



Rewards: Onyx Pendant + One 1000 level weapon (Ferumbras Staff, Queen's Sceptre, The Epiphany, Elethriel's Elemental Bow, Etc) + Achievement "A Pinch of Sage" to get the first Trailblazer outfit addon.

Onyx Pendant


- ice pick (special one)

- snake sceptre

- 500+ essences of dreads (ID 20138)

Start the quest here by getting requirements:

1- ice pick:

Start from here ice miners you can loot it from them.


Its very rare to drop it and its name similar to ice pick so when ever you loot a pick check the body.


2-snake sceptre :

You must finish demon task to get it.

when you done demon task follow this path to get it.



crused-5.png   crused-6.png

Start the quest here :



You will enter to the quest room and you will find the following monster "Corrupted Crocodiles,Corrupted Bog Raiders and Corrupted Hydra) that will drop essences of dreads You need 500+.


When you get them all go to npc "Corrupted Priest" over here :

crused-10.png  crused-11.png  crused-12.png

Talk with him say :

Player: hi
Corrupted Priest: Leave zzzis place, wandering soul!
player: mission
Corrupted Priest: Zzouu have more dread essence?! Would zzou give me all of it?
Player: yes
Corrupted Priest: Thank zzzouu for the 550 essences of dread, human. We now have [550/500] essences of dread in our possession. You have turned in a total of 585 essences of dread...
We appear to have enough essences of dread to counter the mighty Devovorga's curse... but temporarily. Now is your chance, humans!

You have to give him them all at same time.

When you give him essences of dreads its time for boss.

Boss Devovorga  : 

Follow this path to it :

crused-14.png  crused-13.png

Use snake sceptre on cursed chest!


The boss will be summoned.

crused16.png crused-17.png


Boss not effected by death so try another elemental. 

When its die you will see the following massage "With one final blow, the mighty Devovorga has fallen! You can feel the corruption dissipate from the air... for now."

When you kill it go to tp  crused-18.png 

and go back to npc "Corrupted Priest" and enter tp  for your reward.


Rewards :


Enjoy Rewards.

(Great thanks for Demon diabolis and bandalandabad dominando)