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[Lv 400] An Old Dragonlord Chest Quest

This is a quest guide for the Dragonlord Chest Quest + Includes a small secret.

Rewards: Earning the achievement: "Life Alert", Earning the achievement: "Caregiver", Harness(Mount Taming Item), 250 Crystal Coins, burst of experience.

Start the quest here:


Follow this path to NPC "An Old Dragonlord" to start your mission. 


Go to top of tower +5 you will find NPC there! 


Talk to him to start your mission.


Player: hi
Player: help
An Old Dragonlord: Y-You would really help a poor old dragon?
Player: yes
An Old Dragonlord: How kind of you, young human. I'm old, you see. When a dragon ages such as I have, their scales aren't as limber as they used to be and our arthritis flares up. Please let me know if you're still interested in helping...
Player: interested
An Old Dragonlord: Would you be willing to hunt dragons, dragon lords, or undead dragons to find a flexible scale and bring it to me?
Player: yes
An Old Dragonlord: Excellent! It's hard to find a young dragon that is spry enough to have flexible scales. Once you have found the perfect dragon, you'll receive a message from me. Then you'll have to loot the scale and return to me. Remember, the scale is inside its body!

Now you need get him flexible scale that will drop from dragons, dragon lords or undead dragons.

dl-4.png      dl-5.png

when you get it go back to NPC and report it

Say:                                                                                                                                                                                                    Player: hi                                                                                                                                                                                           An Old Dragonlord: Hello there. I typically don't get many visitors. What is it that you may need?
Player: help
An Old Dragonlord: You're interested in helping me again?
Player: yes
An Old Dragonlord: Thank you, young human! Return to me once you have found another flexible scale                             Player: bye
An Old Dragonlord: Farewell, friend.                                                                                                                                             Player: hi                                               
Player: help
An Old Dragonlord: Have you found a flexible dragon scale for me?
Player: yes
 An Old Dragonlord: Thank you!! That's it! *shuffles* It fits snugly. I can move a bit more snugly now. I appreciate your effort. Please come back tomorrow if you'd like to help me out again!

Repeat this everyday for 7 days and you will be rewarded with the item: Harness.

When you done: An Old Dragonlord: Thank you!! That's it! I feel much better now. I feel like I can actually live again! I hope you find this harness useful. I know that the White Warlords are the only ones in this land that know of the Draptor's existence. Perhaps you can find your answers with them.

Time to tame Draptor

Go to here:


dl-7.png  dl-8.png

You will TP to the secret place that white knights hide Draptors in!





Enjoy Rewards.