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[Lv 350] Trial Of Fire

Trial of fire quest is useful its allows you to use needed powerful rune, its little easy so lets start it. 

Rewards : pair of legs, power rune, and other item for ek and rp.

Start your quest here : 


Follow this way. You will find the following monsters :juggernauts, hand of cursed, fury, plaguesmith, fire devil, destroyer, nightmare, diabolic imp, dark torturer and Mujaffa*.

Enter tp north then.

fire-2.png   fire-14.png    fire-4.png   fire-5.png   fire-6.png    fire-7.pngfire-3.png    fire-8.png   

When you pass all this there is  2 levers  you have to use them after you use them go north and enter tp.


follow this way 

fire-10.png   fire-11.png   fire-12.png  


Enjoy Rewards.