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[Lv 1200] An Alternate Fate

Alternate Fate quest, previously known as Rebirth quest, is one of the most challenging quests on Cyntara. The quest consists of maze full of dangerous monsters, a fat behemoth pillar, a dodging mini game, NPC dialogues and 2-phase boss fight!


Choose one

Plus you also receive a promotion.

Knight: Surpreme Mages: Arcane Paladins: Divine Druids: Enlightened

Provides additional soul point capacity and soul point regeneration.

Enter the quest here:


Then walk north into the portal!


And you can gather your team here!


Part I - Maze

This part of the quest is a big maze that you can either clear, or run through. It is advised to clear everything because it's safer and some of you are just bad players. You will fight following monsters! Go slow and don't be a hero.


Just follow the route shown on following figures!


Whenever you go +1 or -1 and if it's not explicitly said or shown, that means it's only one way forward and you should follow it!

At the end of the previous figure, just enter the portal and you will be greeted by multiple grim reapers. Then follow the route.


The way is pretty much straight forward, when you reach the point as shown in next figure, choose the way as shown!


As you progress through, as soon as you see magic throwers - SLOW DOWN. This part of the quest is very difficult and time consuming because of the Behemoth Pillar. Do not forget to use magic walls on sides to avoid damage and try to stack as close as possible to the pillar itself. You have to defeat it in order to proceed.


When you defeat the pillar, you can continue going through, when you start seeing butterflies, you know you will be safe. Next part is safe haven with some NPCs to refresh supplies and to also get shortcut available in case you die further in the quest.

If you die, follow this route for the shortcut!


There is a portal upstairs to take you back!

Part II - Chest and proximity mines!

This part is a little bit tricky. A walk-around here is a ruby amulet that gives you resistance needed to survive proximity mines hits!

Note: Do not open the chest! Once you enter the portal with mines, you are safe at the destination portal square!


These bombs will very likely kill you if you get hit. One of the strategies is, as previously mentioned, to use ruby amulet. Otherwise you just have to run through and not get it. You can use magic wall runes, but they get destroyed on contact with proximity bomb. The target portal is north east in the room!

Part III - Dream eaters

This part is very easy if you follow the guide. Make the whole team stand at bottom left corner of the room - depending on the size of the team; south from the picture.


And you wanna trap yourselves, while each and every one of you goes to the middle of the room and uses the bed to enter the dream. You do not have to kill the dream eaters, just wait out while the person in the dream completes his mission.


Once you enter the dream, head west to the NPC and greet him by saying 'hi'.


You have to say the correct keywords in order to pass this part.

The prompted responses in order are:

  • Dream
  • Feelings
  • Anxious
  • Dream eaters
  • Interpret
  • Perception
  • Perspective
  • Superego
  • Jail
  • Belong
  • Interpreted
  • Signed

And the transcript is shown in following figure;


Once you complete the dialogue, head back to teleport and you will be teleported back to the room with dream eaters, which disappear from the room as soon as you enter.

You have to repeat this part for every person! Then head north west to the portal!

Part IV - Entering the Tyransict domain

There is no danger in this room, you have to enable the portal to final room. Position your team members on orange tiles in order to create a portal.


Once the portal is created, it will exist for 30 seconds.


Boss will be summoned shortly after arriving and Tyransict will start talking about something (guess nobody listens).


There are two phases to the fight. It's pretty straight forward and not difficult at all. When he dies in first form, he transforms into some glooth robot.


Once you defeat him in second phase after few moments you will be teleported to the reward room!