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[Lv 950] The Astral Plane

Its hard quest and need good team for it Its importan gives important charm.

Rewards: One of these -> Charged Ghost Charm, Golden Fruits, Mysterious Fetis and Wooden Doll +Horned Helmet, Ancient Tiara and Winged Helmet.

Start the quest here:



There is 6 rooms let's start it

You will find the following monsters in the quest : "Sin Devourer, Messenger From Beyond, Banished Deity, Essence Of Retribution, Nightmarish Incarnation, Unstable Anomaly, Corrupted Mage*,Draconian Projection* And Celestial Entity**

Room 1:

There is 2 switchs you need to use them before you enter the next rooms team need to use them in the same time after they use them they will automatically tp to the next room.

its located here :

Astra-5.png Astra-3.png Astra-4.png


Room 2:

You have to fight mini boss so the tp open you have 5min to enter the tp.

boss called "Corrupted Mage" this boss summons "Sin Devourer, Messenger From Beyond And Banished Deity" so take care.

Astra-9.png      Astra-7.png


Room 3: 

Its long room  no boss here but be careful many monsters.

Astra-8.png      Astra-11.png


Room 4:

Its boss room kill it and enter to before it close you have 5mins to enter the tp for the next room. the boss called "Draconian Projection" Stay away from it its wave hits hard.

Astra-10.png      Astra-12.png

Room 5:

Its Long and the hardest one you will find many monsters so move slow or you will die.

Astra-13.pngAstra-14.png        Astra-15.png

Final room:

You have to fight the final boss to get your reward.

Its called "Celestial Entity" Its hit hard and summon 4~ "Unstable Anomaly" Stay in corner so the summons don't hit You.

Its have Wave called "Arcane Blast" Leave they way and go to other side when you see this sign.


When you kill it go to tp before it close. For your reward.


Note: Only one charm and one helmet are able to chosen!. Choose wisely!


Enjoy Rewards.