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[Lv 300] Cyntara Trivia quest


The Cyntara Trivia quest tests a players knowledge of the server and it's colorful history.


Spy Report


Question One 

Question: What year was Cyntara created?

Answer: 2009

Question Two 

Question: What is the best way to find an answer to a gameplay-related question?

Answer: By asking the Help Channel.

Question Three 

Question: Who created Cyntara?

Answer: Red

Question Four 

Question: What is the best way to report a critical bug, which has potential to cause damage to the server?

Answer: In an e-mail to the server administrators.

Question Five 

Question: What is an example of appropriate use of CTRL + Z?

Answer: To report a non-critical bug, such as a minor map error or a typo.

Question Six 

Question: You believe Cyntara can be improved with an idea of your own, where is the best place to post your idea?

Answer:The public forum, to allow for visibility and feedback from others.

Question Seven

Question: What is the most appropriate manner in which to contact an online staff member?

Answer: Send them a message with the contents of your concern in its entirety, so the issue can be addressed even if the message is read by the staff member at a later time as you may be unavailable.

Question Eight

Question: Which of the following is ALLOWED, according to the Cyntara Server Rules?

Answer: Killing another player in-game to extract revenge.

Question Nine

Question: Which of the following is ALLOWED, according to the Cyntara Server Rules?

Answer: Talking about other games, such as League of Legends or World of Warcraft.

Question Ten

Question: If you donate to Cyntara and have an issue with the donation process, what is the appropriate FIRST action you should take?

Answer: Contact the administrators via e-mail at <[email protected]>stating your character name, method of donation, e-mail or phone number (depending on the donation method) and the issue that occurred.

Question Eleven

Question: You found a loophole in the Cyntara rules that allows you to exploit a bug without "technically" breaking any rules. Are you safe from punishment?

Answer: No. Players are not permitted to break server rules due to rule description semantics; furthermore, staff members reserve the right to take action for any reason, even for reasons not listed on the rules page.

Question Twelve

Question: You lost your house due to inactivity, or you selected an item from the Cyntara Store and did not have capacity for it - in both of these cases, the server did something special with your item(s) - what happened to them?

Answer: Your items were sent to your inbox (NOT your depot box).

Question Thirteen

Question: What awesome information can you find on the Cyntara website?

Answer: You may choose any teleporter.