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[Lv 200] Pillow Puzzle

Pillow Puzzle Quest

The Pillow Puzzle quest is a puzzle based quest (similar to Dreamer's Challenge Quest in Tibia)

Level Required: 200


Experience + Daily Chest + Helmet

[img pending]

You enter the quest from portal room here:


It is highly recommended to clear your way through the floors full of Vampires, Dragon Hatchlings, Dragon Lord Hatchlings, Dragons, Dragon Lords, Squirrels, Iron Servants, Fire Devils. It is advised to NOT run through everything, unless you know what you are doing, pleb.

Follow the minimap!


Once you enter the teleport, you will be in a room where you have to solve a puzzle. You must arrange the pillows in a certain order for the teleport to open.


When you are successful, a teleport will be created. Once you enter the teleport, you have to run down a long path while being shot at by the pillars. The damage is negligible at the beginning, but can be surprising by the end. At the end of the path there are two teleports, enter one!


Enter one of the portals!