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[Lv 1000?] A Shining Sun Catcher

This is the part where we are going to light up the catcher to make it a Shining Sun Catcher.

Shining Sun Catcher.gif          Shining Sun Catcher
  • Life Leech: +6%
  • Mana Leech: +2%
  • Mana Drain Protection: +10%
  • Effectiveness: +15%
  • Mana Cost Reduction: +10%
  • Damage vs. Bosses: +10%
  • Boss Damage Reduction: +15%

You Will need a Sun Catcher in normal form.


A Moon Stone


This can be dropped from boss Crono that is an announced raid in Legendary Warriors.



This boss is a pretty hard if your aren't much stronger. Be careful with him attack "Luminariaor he will oneshot you (hide while he is spamming) after this he have possibility to heals completely one time. He have too others attacks with nice hits so give attention to your life.


Charging the stone

With the moon stone in your backpack you will need kill the boss "Son of The Sun".


An Observer Eye.gif         Son of The Sun Can be spawned in Rumble Pit by an event or some or can spawn in subterranean room of Four Swords Quest



The strategy is make damage to different Prominence's and boss will be losing life eventually. Take care of not still hiting the same prominence too much time or you will die by explosion counterspell.

After of the boss death and if you was with the Moon Stone in your backpack this will turn in a Sun Stone.


With this you can do the last step and light your Sun Catcher to turn into a Shining Sun Catcher

Now with all the things needed in your backpack light your charm.


Just use the sun stone on the old Sun Catcher to transform it. It should be noted that you can use both charms at the same time.

08.jpg       10.jpg


That's all the proccess.



Thanks for Le Bails Gambit, Juan Orton, Wolf, Godnyx and Latino Gang Guild! HAIL WITCH CULT! HAIL LATINOS!