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[Lv 600] Mystery Of Pigeon Chest Quest

This quest is based in mystery and how good you are in solve the puzzles.

Rewards: a bell and the swampsnapper mount.


-silver key (Key:2007).


-fire field runes


Start the quest here :


This quest have 2 parts.

You will find in you way this monsters : Hydra, Warlock, Swamp Lord, Giant Spider, Wisp and Legendary Warrior.

How to get silver key (Key:2007) :

Follow this path to find the key :


Go to the top floor of tower and you will find a dead body open it and you will find silver key (Key:2007).



Part 1 :

You need to jammed the lever that over here follow this path to it :

pigeonn-26.png pigeonn-20.png  pigeonn-21.png pigeonn-22.png pigeonn-23.png  pigeonn-24.png


You need remake fire in 4 burnt down firewood to jammed the lever

like this

pigeonn-4.png    pigeonn-5.png

This is first 2 that you need to make fire one them :

pigeonn-3.png     pigeonn-6.png


Other 2 you need to get silver key and go to this small house over here :


pigeonn-8.png  pigeonn-9.png  pigeonn-10.png

When you use the lever you will unlock door over here pass the door and go to the last 2 fire spots.


    pigeonn-7.png pigeonn-11.png

Follow this path to the 3rd spot :

pigeonn-14.png     pigeonn-13.png

Follow this path to the 4th spot :

pigeonn-15.png  pigeonn-16.png  pigeonn-17.png 

When you done if the door closed don't worry there is exit follow this path to the exit! :

pigeonn-18.png   pigeonn-19.png

when you make fire in all this spots go to to use the lever for the next part!

-You have to be fast before one of fire disappear!


Part 2 :


Back to the lever and use it it will open bridge


Follow this path to the bridge :

pigeonn-28.png  Screenshot_15.png



Enjoy Rewards!