What is The knife and vials of zydrates and how to get them.

-You see the knife. It weighs 5.00 oz. To help with the agony.


What is the knife?

Its an item allow you to use vials of zydrate.

It was hard to get the knife in old cyntara but nowadays there is other ways to get it make it more easy!

-First way :

Killing Joey Terrifying in his raid in venore

Two powerful jesters have made their way to Venore!


-Second way :

Killing Joey Terrifying in [Lv 500] mortal Kombat its its harder but still a way and with time will get it just need to be patient.


Third way : 

Killing mind flayers its rare to drop but still a way :D


You see a vial of zydrate. They weigh 15.00 oz. Zydrate comes in a little glass vial.


What is vail of zydrate?

Its an item when you use it 

Will fill your soul points ,Skill increased by 5%,maxmium mana or hit points by 5% and benefit from double health and mana regeneration. depends on your voction!

Notes :

-You can't use it without been used The knife.

-it zydrate vail its effect will stay for 30 mins or till you die.

How to get vail of zydrate?

Its really easy to get vail of zydrate many bosses drop it around cyntara ex. vlad, jesters.