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Client Functions

Getting to know our client and the tools we have built in, will help your character progress faster.

At the top left of your screen, you'll find built in functions. 


Auto functions 


Inside you'll find all the botting functions you will need. It's important that you look over this.



 First tab is General, you'll need to check the boxes that you would like to use.
Anti Idle - keeps your char online. Outside trainers, and dp.
Eat Food- auto eats whatever food is in your inventory, so you can regen health/mana.
Container IDs- Labels all your container you open. Starting from 0. This is useful when setting up the Looter.
Mana Burn- This is auto mana training. Useful when not in trainers and sitting around dp waiting. 
Haste- Auto cast haste when depleted.
Strong Haste- Auto cast strong haste when depleted. 
Auto reply- Auto replies to people messaging you private.  



Buffs are huge for progressing in PvE. These spells are obtainable starting at level 150. It indicates on the picture above what level to obtain them. You will need to start the quest [Level 150] Ancient Temple. Concentrations buffs you will automatically have access too. To make them auto cast, just check mark the ones you want to use.

Below is the quest you'll need to complete for your Buffs. You can find this portal by entering the monster/quest portal and walk north up the stairs.