[Lv 600] Dark Knight Of Vanda

I will tell you guys how to do this quest today.



+ Nightmare Shield or Necromancer Shield or Blue Legs.

Items that you need: 1x Shine Stone, 91 Vampires Token, Vampire Crest and Broken Ring of Ending.

1x Shine Stone or

Note: You can get this from the parcel loot in your mailbox after doing a Dungeon


or Market.


Use the Shine Stone to get access

You will also need 91x Vampire Token. You can get these from a drop, do the Royal Minion's Task Boss. [Lvl 400]

1x Vampire Crest

Note: NPC is located in the Four Swords Quest or Market

1x Broken Ring of Ending

Drops in the Yielothax [Lvl 800 Monster Spawn.] or Market

you can visit for access https://wiki.cyntara.org/books/quests/page/lv-600-otherworld 


After you get the items you are ready to get best ring in game

Talk to NPC. First he will require 1 Vampire Lord Token, then 5, 10, 25, and the final task is to turn in 50.

After you done with him now you can enter to the boss

You need elite knight with you, I also advice you bring stone saving amulet and avoid the death area of effect.

After you are done, go back to NPC again you will find new something new in your backpack. Use the String of Mending on the Broken Ring of Ending while wearing it. An animation will play, wait and then you will be rewarded with a brand new ring.

now you  got best ring



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