Prey System

The prey system lets you select a few creatures to prey on.
When you prey on creatures, you will receive a specific perk against these creatures.
To start a prey task, talk with NPC Tony Bloodhunter.
You will be given 3 random tasks to choose from per tier. There are 4 tiers total: Easy, Medium, Hard and Nightmare.
Once you finish a prey task, you can start one of the remaining tasks in that tier.
Available tasks refresh 20 hours after talking with the NPC. Please keep in mind that the timer will start ticking the moment you start talking with the NPC and not when you choose a prey task.

Prey Perks

  • Bonus Experience Points - You will receive extra experience points when killing monsters.
  • Increased Loot Drop - You will have a higher chance to loot items from killed monsters.
  • Increased Damage - Your damage against prey monsters will be increased.

Prey Rewards

All prey tasks reward experience points and gold. Additionally some prey tasks will reward you with items.
Please keep in mind that you will be granted rewards only if you finish the prey task within the time.
You will automatically receive the rewards upon completing a task.