The Alchemy system lets players collect various ingredients and brew potent potions that provide combat stats and resistances.
The resistances can break through natural resistance limit of a vocation.
Players that want to begin their journey with the Alchemy can do the Alchemy 101 quest which will introduce you to the system.
Completing the quest is not mandatory to the use of the Alchemy system though.
Additionally players have a chance to brew additional elixirs based on their Alchemy skill level.

Alchemy Station

Alchemy Station is required for brewing elixirs.
It can be found in the main city, north-east of the temple. You will receive a map mark with the location after finishing the Alchemy 101 quest.
The alchemy station will display the list of known recipes as well as the option to view their details and brew the elixirs.

Alchemist's Recipe Scroll

The Alchemist's Recipe Scroll is used to teach the players an elixir recipe.
The system is designed to always reward players with recipes that they have not yet learned.
The scrolls are bound to the player meaning that they cannot be traded with other players.
They can be looted from raid bosses and dungeon bosses (including Talisman Dungeons).


Ingredients are required to brew any elixir. This is a general list of the ingredients, the specific ones as well as their amounts can be viewed by selecting "Details" section from the Alchemy Station.
With the exception of Alchemy Flask they can all be looted from raid bosses and dungeon bosses (including Talisman Dungeons).

  • Alchemy Flask - A base item requried for all types of elixirs. It can be purchased from the Tool Vendor NPC.
  • Purple Basil - A base ingridient required for all types of elixirs.
  • Box of Averting Powder - A base ingridient required for any defense elixir.
  • Box of Essential Powder - A base ingridient required for any utility elixir.
  • Box of Volatile Powder - A base ingridient required for any offense elixir.

Alchemy Mount

Players that have reached Alchemy Level 20 will now have a chance to loot Alchemy Mount Recipe from bosses. Once learned, you will be able to craft an item that grants alchemy exclusive mount. This item can be traded and sold to other players.

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